Bartek Buczek

Winter Games
wideo, prints, light, sound, 2016
music: Szymon Szewczyk
location: garage, 7 Na Stoku Street area

Winter Games is a project developed by Bartek Buczek together with Szymon Szewczyk and Bartosz Zaskórski. The formula of “winter games” is open: it contains video, objects, paintings, performative gestures and – last but not least – music. It is all bound by black metal. Artists work with aesthetics and sound of the genre, but the most interesting is its specific spirit. Black metal as Bartek Buczek writes is “a music of strong people, to which one can stand on a top of a mountain, on a mossy pedestal of a destroyed monument, at a bottom of a mountain, against a burning church, in front of a forest cottage, on snow, against ruins, next to an overturned tombstone, over a corpse of an enemy, in dungeon, in black and white, on a cemetery, in a creek, next to bushes, in a stone circle, in a mood of silence, with dead bodies of animals in light of a burning torch, in a bunker, against a concrete wall, in darkness, next to charred remains, by an entrance to a Nazi mausoleum…”

Biskupia Górka is a scenery provoking to develop the black metal imagination. And vice versa – black metal is one of the sensitivities with which one can “read” phantasmagorias of the neighbourhood.  Black-metal poetic is the key to layers of pathos, loftiness, brutality and danger. “It is not an universal music – artist says – but sometimes one has the need to express such emotions.” For the autumn, night festival, just before winter, Bartek Buczek moves the black-metal imagination in a garage on the verge of the neighbourhood. Just like other radical genres of alternative scene, a source of black metal is springs exactly at such places: in garages, where working musicians make their first steps on a way leading to dreams of great artistic acts…


Bartek Buczek ( 1987) – received a scholarship of Krajowy Fundusz na rzecz Dzieci. A graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Katowice. Professional easel painter, bookinist, cyclist amateur, a master of big things with small budget, he loves hip-hop like he loves his mother.


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