Ania Witkowska, Adam Witkowski

installation site-specific, 2016
Pentecostal Church, 2 Mennonitów Street

Realization of Ania and Adam Witkowski, is the beginning of this year’s track of NARRACJE Festival, the starting point of entire story. The artists invite the audience to the interiors of Pentecostal Church formerly a Temple of Mennonite . This Church from the beginning of XIX century is the oldest historic monument, neighbourhood’s symbolic beginning; also here is the spiritual centre of gravity of Biskupia Górka.

Before entering the narration of Biskupia Górka, the artists offer few minutes of contemplation, a kind of mental reset which will help to create free space in soul and mind,  for experiencing the neighbourhood.

Placing the work in the Church at Biskupia Górka symbolically relates to the sacral function of the place and to the presence of Mennonites in the area, which essentially transformed Hanseatic Gdańsk. “Inventiveness, creativity and diligence of the followers of Menno Simmons sparked many important and break-through inventions, crafts and trade in the area but it is not what our narration is about – the Witkowscy write. We cannot say more than white noise spreads from zero to infinity”


Ania Witkowska, Adam Witkowski
Graduates of Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk, visual artists, lectures, occasional curators. They create individually or in the artistic duet. They used to organize exhibitions together called “samples” , where they were setting together their individual works. In 2011 they were nominated as a  duet to Deutsche Bank Award “Views”. In 2015 they got Splendor Gedanensis award for curators conception of NARRACJE 6 “The Sage and The Ghost”

Ania Witkowska (1978) get inspiration from what surrounds her, she takes from pop culture, she quotes. She employs video, photography, installation or objects. She uses simple social symbols, she quotes rituals or conventional forms of communication in order to freely confront the reality. For over a year she is reactivating her student years collective “Znajomi znad morza/Colleagues from seashore”, continually adding new “colleagues” She co-leads Multimedia and Artistic Book Department at Fine Arts Academy in Szczecin. She was awarded scholarship of the Ministry of Culture twice and of Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodship.

Adam Witkowski (1978) – he is mainly interested in sound and music – radio projects (Radio Copernicus, Radio Simulator ) , composing music to theatre performances (Intro, Oddysseas) and field recordings. He is a composer and performs in bands : Samorządowcy (duet with his daughter Maja), Gówno, Nagrobki (with Maciej Salamon), Langfurtka (with Mikołaj Trzaska), Adam Witkowski&Michał Miegoń and his solo projects 0404, Andrzej Baphomet. He co-created over 20 music publications. He lectures at Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk. In 2016 he was awarded “Sztorm Roku” by Gazeta Wyborcza for “Stan Prac” – his album with Nagrobki band.


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