Aleksandra Ciapka, Filip Ignatowicz

installation, 2016
location: grove at the foot of the former Paweł Beneke Youth Hostel

The subject of “Kingdom” we want to approach by feasting and celebrating the memory of splendid times – Ciapka and Ignatowicz say – the feast is truly King’s way to eat. With this installation we want to wake the spirit of memories and tales from a very concrete place on Biskupia Górka. – – Cafe Bergschlosschen.”.

In memoires of Urszula Kiedrowska, describing Biskupia Górka before Second World War we can read: „Cafe Bischofshöhe” was in a  very big, beautiful, wooden house, inside there was a great ballroom with tables, floor for dancing and a stage and outside, in a magnificent garden, people could seat with coffee or tea. You could walk to the café on foot, through steps from Biskupia Górka, or come by car right to the door of the house”.

During war operations in Gdańsk in 1945 the building of the Cafe Bischofshöhe got burned down. There is only an empty space left at the foot of Paul Beneck Shelter, where the artists will call up spirits of non-existing café. In the field among trees and bushes objects will be set up – white prints of tables ready for the feast; a kind of materialized negative of the shadow, which makes us remember that a neighbourhood consists of both things existing and the reality which is not.


Aleksandra Ciapka (1990) – a graduate of Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk. She is interested in costumes, elements of fashion and scenography. She cooperates with local alternative theatres, and works at movie projects.

Filip Ignatowicz (1990) – a graduate of Painting, currently a PhD candidate at Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk. He works on his diploma movie at Gdyńska Szkoła Filmowa. His art although comes from painting is multidisciplinary. He does video, installations, performance and actions in public space. In his recent works he tries to see the condition of a human being in consumeristic reality


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