Witek Orski

Shine On You Crazy Diamond
intervention, photography, 2016
location: closed business premises, 10 Na Stoku Street (access – the corner of Na Stoku Street and Biskupia Street)

What would happen if Biskupia Górka, a quartier of beauty, but somehow forgotten, got “discovered” by rich middle class – and got gentrified? As we know art is the avant-garde of gentrification. First art galleries and artists pop up, then hipster coffee shops, and it’s all downhill from here – real estate agents enter…

Witek Orski works for such hypothetic scenario. Simultaneously his actions are comments to the mechanisms, in experiencing the city, inspired by such Festivals as NARRACJE – and art in public space.

Contemporary artists have amazing skill of changing reality in art; converting the real in an artistic experience. It is enough the slightly shift the mode. Orski moves the iconic artefact of Biskupia Górka – a banner with a title of Pink Floyd song Shine On You Crazy Diamond­. The banner put there by unknown perpetrator on a blind façade of a tenement on the corner of Biskupia street welcomes entering the district. One can even think that this crazy diamond it the Biskupia Górka itself.

For the Festival Orski takes off the banner and moves it to a former shop, temporarily changed to a gallery. Such change of a shop into a white cube could happen at Kreuzberg – and also at Biskupia Górka. The banner will be exhibited as a piece art accompanied by a photographic documentation; it looks here as some post-internet work from the last Berlin Biennale. After the Festival it will come back to where it came from and the “gallery” will be a place to rent, again. Everything will be as before. But for how long?


Witek Orski (1985) – visual artist and theoretician of photography. His works were presented at his solo exhibitions Wulgarne and Ćwiczenie in Czułość Gallery in Warsaw and at group exhibitions in Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Budapest and Bratislava, in Poland at Centre of Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Art and Zachęta National Gallery in Warsaw. He is currently a PhD candidate at Philosophy Institute of University of Warsaw and Multimedia Communication Faculty of University of Arts in Poznań.


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