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Kingdom 60,8 m a.s.l

Eight edition of NARRACJE Festival is a story of Biskupia Górka – one of the most interesting and simultaneously, most separate neighbourhood of Gdańsk. In this story Biskupia Górka is the “Kingdom” resting on the slopes of the hill rising 60,8 meters above the sea level. The hill is also the protagonist and the narrator: the hidden neighbourhood speaks about itself. Artists participating in the Festival were invited to take roles in their medium-like shape. Their mission is to listen, interpret and articulate the voice of this place, also to write a continuation to the narration developed already by the district itself, the people living there, its architecture, its real and symbolic topography.

One of the main tools used to create the “Kingdom” is allegory. Behind the term “Kingdom” there is the picture of the microcosms existing in the cosmos of the metropolis. It is a city inside a city, spreading at the verge of the forest, at the bottom of the hill, topped with a stronghold, a castle and a tower. The title sends us to archetypal construction of tales, to pre-modern urbanistic conceptions, and last but not least to well-known series “Kingdom” . Its director, Lars von Trier, combines comedy and horror, topical satire and phantasy and puts thick layers of fiction on a real institution, a huge public hospital in Copenhagen, known in the vernacular as the Kingdom.

Similarly at NARRACJE Festival – fictions, speculations and projections are the tools for recognizing the reality and experiencing the city. The Festival and works realized for it are the spotlight, sharing light to Biskupia Górka. We want to throw the light at such angle so that Biskupia Górka shows up as the place set in spacetime of contemporary Gdańsk and simultaneously existing somewhere else in the symbolic spacetime, as a set of signs, an allegory – Kingdom suspended between the order of the Real and orders of imaginations and metaphoric narrations.

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