Viktor Frešo [Slovakia]


Mega Viki (feci) | object, 2018

Mega Viki (feci) is a large, glowing balloon with a basic drawing of eyes and mouth – a self-mocking and irreverent work about the artist’s ego. Frešo meant it as his self-portrait, and the similarity to his facial features is indeed striking. The title itself is also a play on the author’s name, whose works often refer to feminist themes, contrarily showing them from a man’s perspective: Viki is a popular diminutive of the female name Viktoria (employed both in Poland and Frešo’s native Slovakia). The simple, graphic drawing of the eyes and round lips on the luminous balloon resembles traditional Japanese kokeshi dolls. Their history dates back to the middle of the Edo era, when they became popular gifts for children in the northern region of Japan (Tōhoku). The dolls were made of wood and drawn by hand, their head was enlarged with respect to the torso, and the face featured small lips and eyes marked with two strokes. Kokeshi symbolized youth, girlish beauty, and the innocence of childhood; they were meant to bring luck and divine protection to their owners, and were often given on the occasion of a child’s birth. These dolls are still a popular element of Japanese culture, with swarms of fans and collectors worldwide. Viktor Frešo’s self-portrait as a huge kokeshi glowing on a November evening is meant to bring luck to Oliwa and add some light to the grim autumn weather.

locationyard adjacent to the 5th Secondary School gym, Alfa Liczmańskiego 23


Viktor Frešo (b. 1974) is a painter, sculptor and author of installations. He began studying art at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, at the Sculpture Studio of Jozef Jankovič and Ján Hoffstädter (1999–2001), and continued his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in the Painting Studio of Vladimir Skrepl (2001–3). In 2003–5 he worked at the Faculty of New Media of the Prague academy. His seemingly simple works with a closed structure are based on sophisticated ideas. Through them, Frešo takes a critical, albeit humorous look at the art scene and the processes that govern it. His works have been presented at numerous exhibitions, art reviews and festivals worldwide. He lives and works in Bratislava.

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